How We Started

My name is Ashley RIchardson and my mission is to help individuals to feel and look better by providing handcrafted products,
services and resources to improve their everyday lives.
I create plant based skincare products. These products absolutely work for irritated, dry,
hyperpigmentation and acne.
I started my business when I had my first child during the pandemic in 2020. Everything was
shut down and I really wanted to take care of myself after having a baby. I struggled to find
anything that helped me relax because a lot of over the counter products irritated me and my
baby's skin. So, I started researching ingredients and formulated my own skincare products that
worked for my body and face. I wanted to make something that was safe for me and my
daughter to use. After a few days I saw results, but most importantly, I was actually able to
practice and enjoy selfcare.

Glow Better is a platform that provides beauty, services and self care resources to improve the qualuty of your everyday life.